If the Son…..

John 8:36 ” If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. “ True freedom from demonic bondage of any kind,  happens first in our minds through Jesus, the Messiah by the power of the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit.

Sexual and Domestic Violence Conferences in 2016

A listing of upcoming 2016 conferences around the USA in for Sexual and Domestic Violence.  National Center for Sexual and Domestic Violence We have to understand the roots to get delivered and healed through Jesus.


He’s back! We did not see him coming! The man who dresses like a woman. Why is he chasing us girls? Oh no he caught me again, I couldn’t outrun him!! Nobody will help me get away from him.  Help me!! My daddy was in jail, I could not tell him. My mama was at… Continue reading Again?


I was sent to borrow a pair of pliers from the man who lived in the apartment across from ours. I knocked on the door. He let me in and told me to come to the kitchen. He was known in our neighborhood as a nice man. He picked me up and then did something… Continue reading WHY????

Scared to Tell Anybody Else

I was playing jump rope in the yard with my siblings and the other kids in the neighborhood. He came walking down the street. He was tall dark skinned, his hair had been straightened and was shaped in a pompadour. His eyebrows were very dark and arched, like a woman. His shirt was tied around… Continue reading Scared to Tell Anybody Else

The Rape of Innocence

I was on my way to the bathroom. Standing in the hall with his face partially in shadow; he had what I learned later in life was his privates, in his hand. He grabbed me and told me to put my hand on it. I put my hand on it because I did not know any better.   At 5 or… Continue reading The Rape of Innocence

What do you think?

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines incest as: sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry; also :  the statutory crime of engaging in such sexual intercourse.  In 2 Samuel one of David’s sons Amnon raped his half sister Tamar.  Absalom  another of David’s sons had Amnon killed because Tamar was his full-blooded sister. In his… Continue reading What do you think?

WELCOME to IM Free!!

Sunset and the dramatic rain clouds over countryside landscape. Autumn in Latvia.

This is the place!! It is happening here! Victory, and the breaking of the chains!!This is where you can share your journey from being a victim to becoming a survivor of incest and molestation. These demonic spirits have been successful because we have been reluctant to expose their activity! This is where you can share your story,… Continue reading WELCOME to IM Free!!