Yield Not to Temptation….

We must strive continually to resist the devil, the Apostle Peter assures us “he SHALL flee”. The devil SHALL flee. NO is a complete sentence, action verb, one-word resistance, no holds barred, STOP and do not proceed further!!!  Then back the NO up with the authority of the Holy Ghost and cover it in the old of Jesus and the devil SHALL flee. He may come back from time to time to test your NO, but if you keep resisting him with the..” It is written devil, I am living by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”, the devil WILL leave…This door is closed by God.

This is how we resist the urge to yield to incest and molestation and all the perversions of  a beautiful act designed to be enjoyed by a MAN (XY) and his FEMALE (XX) wife. Mankind has changed the natural use into an aberration, a facsimile and Elohim is not pleased. Even the animals know and do not cross what God has ordained…….Selah!

By YAHisncntrl

IM Free is an online community that is supportive of survivors of incest and molestation like myself. This is also a place to get it off your chest if you are currently in an incestuous, molestation environment. You can get free thru Jesus Christ. I was molested from a very young age and the effects have had long reaching effects on my life and the choices I have had to make.

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