Parents Beware

There is a new app named Calculator% that allows you to hide photos. It looks like a calculator, but if a password is entered, it reveals a secret photo album. Parents go right now and confiscate your kids phones and check for this app.  The link will take you to the site so you will know what it looks like. If they won’t give you the password, cut the phone service off to this cell phone. Why should children and even some adults (married folks) have clandestine pictures of themselves that require a password to get to them?  This is one way in which incest and molestation operate…… What are our thoughts?

By YAHisncntrl

IM Free is an online community that is supportive of survivors of incest and molestation like myself. This is also a place to get it off your chest if you are currently in an incestuous, molestation environment. You can get free thru Jesus Christ. I was molested from a very young age and the effects have had long reaching effects on my life and the choices I have had to make.

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