Help Me Cover My Dad

noawineNoah was intoxicated and as a result somehow ended up going to sleep with no clothes on??? Ham one of his sons saw him naked. Ham went and got his brothers Shem and Japheth.  Shem and Japheth walked backwards and covered Noah so they would not see their father naked. As a result Noah cursed Ham’s son Canaan. It is not clear whether this was intentional or not. It is interesting that Ham was not cursed directly but indirectly through his son (also Noah’s grandson). God does not mean for families to be caught up in sin of any kindLeviticus 18:6-8 is very clear regarding this topic. This is a good illustration of how a generational curse can come on a bloodline.

By YAHisncntrl

IM Free is an online community that is supportive of survivors of incest and molestation like myself. This is also a place to get it off your chest if you are currently in an incestuous, molestation environment. You can get free thru Jesus Christ. I was molested from a very young age and the effects have had long reaching effects on my life and the choices I have had to make.

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